Hospitality Design- September 2012

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Residential Architect- June 2012 “From Doban Architecture’s Think Fabricate division comes the Stepping Up Chair, the latest addition to the New York-based company’s Stepping Stones collection”

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Archiscene- June 2012 “Stepping Up is a playful exploration of volume and surface, shape and form”

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Apartment Therapy- February 2012 “House Tour: They brought in Think Fabricate to assess the situation, come up with the best solution, and implement it.”

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The Architect’s Newsletter- Febuary 2012 “Product of the week: Stepping Wood Grain Chair.”

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Casa Diseno- January 2012 “Brooklyn-based company Think Fabricate has introduced a new furniture piece that stir up a New York state of mind.”

Interiors & Sources- January 2012 “New Year’s Resolution for 2012: Think Fabricate: To Explore new materials, details, techniques, and color palettes.” 

3 RingsDecember 2011 “Think Fabricate is based in Brooklyn, manufacturing their items locally. Together with Doban Architecture, an award-winning firm, they explore product design, furniture, residential, and more.”

Architect- November 2011

Interiors & Sources - November 2011 “Susan G. Doban, AIA and Jason Gorsline look beyond the pencil on paper to achieve designs that are revitalizing the face (and insides) of the New York area.”

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Time Out New York- October 2011 “Locally made home decor in New York City”

Boutique Design - October 2011

Architectural Record- September 2011

Otto - September 2011 “Brooklyn-based, Doban Architecture and its affiliated multi-disciplinary studio, Think Fabricate, have received an Outstanding Design 2011 American School & University Educational Interiors Showcase Award for the new Monroe College Academic Center.”

American School & University - August 2011 “Outstanding Designs: The Academic Center brings faculty and students together to focus on learning in mathematics and english in a unique, custom built enviroment.”

Fine Homes & Estates - June 2011

World Architecture News - June 2011 “Think Fabricate takes their Stepping Stones Collection outdoors with the new Stepping Out Chair & Ottoman…to create a striking, sustainable and outdoor-friendly furniture set.”

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Style Factory - May 2011 “Think Fabricate. Pretty straight foward, don’t you think?”

Interiors & Sources - May 2011 “Top 10 ICFF Product Picks.”

Contract – May 2011 “ICFF 2011 Product Highlights.”

New York House - May 2011 “Think fabricate lines of home furnishings blend contemporary styles with good old fashion walnut for a unique take on modern living.”

The Alternative Consumer - May 2011 ” Think Fabricate- they create home furnishings that incorporate sustainable materials as much as possible and look great in an urban pad or weekend retreat.”

Apartment Therapy’s marketplace - May 2011 “15 Young designers and Collectives to See at ICFF: Think Fabricate.”

April and May blog - May 2011 “Think Fabricate creates furniture pieces with beautiful little details.”

World Architecture – May 2011″The Brooklyn-based multi-disciplinary design firm, Think Fabricate, created the Stepping Stones collection as a playful exploration between surface and form.”

Casa Diseno - April 2011 “Check out these Brooklyn plates from Think Fabricate. During New York Tabletop Week, the company revealed fresh new designs for our dining room.”

Interior Sources - April 2011 “Students at Monroe College now have an innovative new center for studying and gathering on campus. Doban Architecture and Think Fabricate, transformed three adjoining storefront spaces into a state-of-the-art academic center with custom furnishing elements, bold colors and a prefabricated wall system.”

Gift & Home Today - April 2011 “Contempo plates based on 19th century Brooklyn prints.”

Dark Energy - April 2011 “Pretty pretty furniture in Brooklyn.” Home Furnishings – April 2011 “Think Fabricate expands its roster with its first set of dinnerware, a line that fuses Brooklyn’s history with its present and time-honored design process with modern technique.”

Nit San - April 2011 “Some design studios really just have all the right things going for them and it shows through their designs. Think Fabricate is definitely one of those companies and they have more than proven themselves already with their excellent and stunning ideas.”

design milk - April 2011 “… a fantastic chest of drawers with a built-in docking station.”

ReadyMade - April 2011 ”Think Fabricate – Doban Architecure’s design studio – launched a new line of china dedicated to the spot where the firm is based, Brooklyn (hands up!)… if you’re a die-hard Brooklyn-lover who needs to get your hands on the set, contact Think Fabricate to place an order.”

Casasugar - April 2011 Since design studio Think Fabricate is based in Brooklyn, and all of its designs are created and manufactured in the borough, it makes sense that Think Fabricate should create a least a few pieces that pay homage to the borough. That’s exactly what the company did when it created the Brooklyn Plates – the company’s first foray into working with china.”

 Parrotized - April 2011 “Since design studio Think Fabricate is based in Brooklyn, and all of its designs are created and manufactured in the borough, it makes sense that Think Fabricate should create at least a few pieces that pay homage to Brooklyn. That’s exactly what the company did when they created the Brooklyn Plates – the company’s first foray into working with china.”

Hotel Interactive - April 2011 “Walnut is the star of the company’s four new storage solutions including Fleur de Noyey, TV Quilt, Walnutopia and wall*nuts for its…refined appearance and ability to be easily paired with other woods.”

Architect’s Newspaper – April 2011 “A custom-built environment allows faculty and students to work collaboratively at a new academic center in the Bronx.”

New York Spaces - April 2011 “Tactile Appeal”

Roaming By Design – March 2011 ”…an artful line of furnishings.”

designgush- March 2011

Brooklyn Exposed – March 2011″Think Fabricate’s aesthetic is their ability to design classic furniture in a sustainable, eco-friends and playful way.”

Home Accents Today- March 2011

Contract - March 2011  “In a way there is always a project or user in mind when developing a product, even if it’s hypothetical, in response to a need we have identified in our own lives, in lives of others we know.” - Feburaury 2011 – January 2011 “Think Fabricate is a multidisciplinary design studio that blends craftsmanship and meticulous detailing with sustainable materials.”

Woodworking Network - January 2011 “Think Fabricate is bringing its first line of furnishings to market. “Not Your Mother’s…” is a debut collection that features the company’s distinctive mix of historical motifs and modern forms.”

Interior Design - May 2010 “Architects turned designers, Think Fabricate launched a collection of furnishings.”