We believe openness to ideas, viewpoints, and background defines “Brooklynness”, and is at the heart of our collaborative zeal. In our work, ideas borne of diverse individual, cultural, and generational perspectives inform each other as much as ideas which stem from different professional viewpoints. With that outlook, our designs then evolve from a thorough understanding of the function, user, and constraints of the project, rather than from any preconceived notions.
We believe in listening, caring, earnestness, and humor to foster the trust that is necessary to build a collaborative team and project spirit. We want the user to find pleasure and satisfaction in the process and the result! To achieve that special character that brings meaningful satisfaction, we welcome the client’s signature in the work, be it the reflection of an institution’s mission, the hopes and aspirations of a community, or the interests or passions of a residential client.
We believe in attention to detail in all senses of the word, from the creation of the right team, the details of the process, to design and construction detail. The word ‘detail’ is derived from the French word “detailer”, which means ‘to tailor’. We tailor the project, including the process of developing and delivering the project, to fit the specific situation, and this is often done by focusing not just on the details of construction, but by considering a part separately from the whole, as an artist or photographer might zero in on a part of the whole, then return to focus on the work from a different perspective.

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