Happy Holidays from Think Fabricate

Given all the talk on the street and in our office about vintage clothing these days, it seems only fitting to take a moment at the end of the year to look at some selections from our archive of in-house vintage holiday card designs! This walk down memory lane reminds us not only of the venerable structures often represented in the graphics for the cards, but of the collective pride and optimism that went into the design of the fonts and images throughout the years!

CREATE. This is pure vintage 2002! The tell-tale sign is the unique letter “R” crafted from the finest thread of roofing flashing from a school renovation project! All of our fonts at the time came exclusively from construction details for our own projects, many of which were restorations of unique, classic buildings.

PEACE. The hope for peace is timeless, but was particularly profound in 2001 following the attack on lower Manhattan. Despite the heartfelt nature of the message, optimism and a bit of humor prevailed as we fabricated the letter “A” from an air chamber roof detail and the “E” from a steel fence design! Talk about beating your swords into ploughshares!

BIRD. A classic for all time, Kelli Miller devised this statuesque bird and accompanying snowflakes in 2008 from a series of window fragments and façade details for projects in New Rochelle and Brooklyn, two of our favorite places!

Our new ventures over the past year, embodied by the opening of our fabrication shop in East Williamsburg and by the start of Think Fabricate–our multidisciplinary studio, evolved from the collective spirit and optimism evident in these cards, and in our new logo, which figures prominently in this year’s card. In our work, as well as in our holiday cards, we love to take imagery, ideas, buildings, and spaces and create design solutions for better living, learning, and community!


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