If Furniture Could Talk…

We want to thank all those who visited us at BKLYN Designs earlier this month for their appreciation of not just our furniture, but of the environment and dialogue we created through our exhibit. Because we approach furniture design from our background and on-going work in the world of architecture, we can’t help but consider our creations in their context. This means careful consideration of each piece in conversation with the other and relative to its surroundings. It means a lot to us that so many visitors responded to our credenza and tv wall unit front and center, our other furnishings flanking those pieces, and our wall systems, but also expressed enthusiasm for the details and other elements that enlivened the holistic picture, such as the plates we designed for the show, our walnut veneer lampshades which tied the space and wood tones together visually, even our flooring and walls!

I sometimes had the feeling that if furniture could talk, ours would…or should I say wood! Although we presented five different lines of furniture in the booth that became our living room for those three days, they seemed to interact like a group of friends. In our furniture designs, we like to encourage a dialogue between one material and another. We are continually exploring the contrast between the smooth painted surface and the natural grain of wood in an effort to encourage visual dialogue, be it a block of anjou pear green against the purpley browns of walnut, china white over ash to bring out the shadows of the grain pattern, or the natural tones of bamboo against an expanse of colored lacquer. We like to engage in contrast between the inherent grain of the material and decorative elements which we introduce, as in the waterjet patterns of our radiator cover and the historical silkscreened designs on wood veneer of our “wall-nuts” cabinet system.

We thank you for joining in the discussions–with us, our furnishings, the materials– during the show, and look forward to introducing you to our future projects and products as they evolve!

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