We are interested in the confluence of the human element and technological devices in our daily lives, be it at the dinner table or the seminar table. In speaking about our institutional projects, we came up with the term “sensitutional,” meaning the combination of materials and scale which appeals to the senses and creates a positive environment within the durable, practical, tech-focused setting that many institutional products require. But we also feel that the word applies to many aspects of our approach to residential projects and furnishings. We feel the need in our own lives, and in our work, to focus on the impact of technology in the home and to balance it with the human element. You will see this blend of personal, even historical reference, and new technology in one of our newer furniture lines, the Fleur de Noyer!

We created the Fleur de Tech, a stylized charging station, a convenient, yet beautiful place to charge and organize your personal devices, integrate within furniture in natural materials of enduring quality. It incorporates the universal symbol of the fleur de lys, which was also the inspiration for the silk screened pattern on our drawer front.

The Academic Centre at Monroe College brings the warmth of wood, the playfulness of careful composition, into an academic setting. The space is organized to foster active learning, and the materials selected and composed in a way that we think is purely sensitutional!


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