Master Bedroom Suite, Engelwood New Jersey

This second floor suburban bedroom suite in this house dating from the 1920’s was completely reoriented and reconfigured to create the feeling of intimacy and calm that comes from natural materials, imagery, and intimately scaled spaces. An eclectic blend of custom and found furnishings blends the old world charm of the house with the calm that comes from modern, functional furnishings and carefully selected color accents. The natural hues of custom walnut veneer cabinetry, silver leaf branches ornamenting the wall above the bed, and billowing sheer curtains over an expanse of new windows contribute to the illusion of being in the trees. Serene pale blues recall the sky, and are juxtaposed with silver, copper, aged brass; shades of green, and warm woods throughout. Personal articles are elegantly stowed away in custom-built cabinetry in bedside bookcases, bathroom nooks, and closets. A custom teak vanity and cabinetry, and free standing bathtub provide a dramatic focal point in the bathroom. “His-and-hers” closets with distinct ambience and custom functions were designed to reflect personal style and individual storage needs of the couple.

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