Talner Jewelers Building

New Rochelle Model Develpment Block
The Talner Jewelers Building was dramatically restored to its classic beauty by removing the austere metal panels that had concealed the original brock and uniquely multicolored terracotta for over half a century.

White metal panels indicitive of the first half of the 20th centruries “urban renewal” had been concealing but also protecting the Talner Jewelers building’s classic facade.  A sustainable approach to restoration was chosen where the existing capitals and brackets were relocated to frame the facade instead of using synthetic copies. Where bricks had been painted over on one side, the paint was removed revealing an attractive wire cut, buff colored brick, which was steam-cleaned and re-pointed. The original terracotta was also steam cleaned, patched, re-pointed, restored and coated. A new masonry coping stone that was neutral in appearance was also installed. In Cooperation with the owner’s ground floor jewelery store, special attention was paid not to interfere with business operation and maintain security during construction.

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