Cranberry Lane House

Chatham, MA

To maximize privacy and work within zoning constraints, two smaller “houses” were created within the overall house, linked at the second level by an internal bridge. These renovations transformed a simple beach cottage into a spacious home, while preserving expansive salt marsh views and waterside informality. Remnants of the existing structure, an earlier addition, and the new second story were unified with new cedar shingles and a series of trellises of varying scales, suggesting the traditional textures and scale of Cape Cod houses. An oversize trellis wall creates a tapestry of light and shadow to serve as a backdrop and counterpart to the windswept coastal landscape and provide screening from neighbors on a narrow site. The two “houses within the house” are articulated to recall the traditional Cape Cod house and convey a sense of enclosure and protection from the elements, juxtaposed with dramatic open glazed areas in the connecting elements.

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Contractor: David and Jeremy Buck

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