Metropolitan Corporate Academy High School — NYC School Construction Authority

Brooklyn, NY

The facade restoration of the building known as Metropolitan Corporate Academy High School, which also houses  Khalil Gibran High School, brings new life to the formerly pink-coated, iconographic, and charming building which fits in among its brownstone and brick neighbors and overlooks the BAM Cultural District.  This unique masonry structure consists of three separate buildings, constructed in 1850, 1890 and 1900 at the busy intersection of three streets:  Third Avenue, Schermerhorn Street and State Street. Formerly a Civil War infirmary, each constituent structure has its own brick facade design and detail. The masonry facades were carefully restored in accordance with State Historic Preservation Office approval. A 100 foot tall chimney complements the structure and was also restored using unusual curved bricks.

Additional Info

Construction Cost: $4.5 Million Construction Date: 2014