Reflective Cadence Collection

The Cadence assemblage of mirrors comes in two configurations, each with strong graphic presence. The taller version, Cadence 62, fits within a 62” square and brings vertical emphasis to tall spaces. It’s ideal over a fireplace in a high-ceiling space. Cadence 42 fits perfectly above the couch or credenza!

Each mirror hangs on a cleat which is provided along with installation instructions. We provide installation within the New York Metropolitan area or by special request at other locations as well. Custom options and materials also available. Designed and fabricated in Brooklyn, New York.

Cadence brings rhythm and walnut to your home, a blend of legato and staccato in mirrored glass and hand-crafted frames. A deep perimeter bevel unifies this six-piece ensemble and captures intriguing reflections. Two expressed walnut frames punctuate and anchor the dynamic composition which moves both up and down and varies subtley in depth as well.