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For three inspiring days this spring, we opened up our THINK + [TABLE] series of in-house design conversations to a mix of Brooklyn designers, design-lovers, and experts on all-things-Brooklyn.


Drinks and conversation flowed around Think Fabricate’s aptly named Dialogue Table, designed for the occasion…


with its continuous brass inlay taken from the hexagon wall display on view at the Think Fabricate booth.


Each day we focused on a new design conversation, led by Doban Architecture’s founding principal, Susan Doban, and by Natalia Klusek, originator of the series and an associate at the firm. The topics included The New International Style: BrooklynTransforming Concepts of Luxury and Living, and Meaningful Objects. Several themes recurred:

  • Brooklyn can be viewed in a way that embraces change and an evolving future, not just defined in terms of its rich history and past.
  • Expansiveness in Brooklyn is now thought of as vertical growth towards the sky, and not just horizontal extension into backyards, parks, and neighborhoods.
  • Although people participating in the events appreciate objects and craftsmanship, they also appreciate the opportunity to gather with friends and share ideas. The dialogue table represents the convergence of design and craftsmanship, with the programmatic and functional goal of bringing people together for conversation.
  • Tangible objects have the power to capture memories and trigger emotions, elevating their significance to us.



Our in-house series of THINK + [TABLE] conversations have included dialogues on diverse topics including:

  • The Art of Lying: Optical Illusions and Visual Play, presented by Tiffany Montañez
  • Preservation and Simulation: Recreating and Respecting the Past, presented by Valerie Jimenez
  • Leslie Laskey: Recalling an Influential Design Professor, presented by Geoff Doban
  • Warfare and Ancient Artifacts: Preserving Cultural Relics in the Midst of Conflict, presented by Natalia Kłusek
  • Hacks: Circuits and Coding in Daily Life, presented by Arielle Lapp and Molly Mason

Please email for information on future THINK + [TABLE]  conversations, which are open to the design community.


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