The New Blue Sky Bakery!

The New Blue Sky Bakery!

The new Lefferts Gardens location of Blue Sky Bakery takes several important design cues from the original Park Slope location, and updates them in a way that works for this larger space.


The signature bright reds, yellows, and of course, blues were the starting point for many of our ideas about the space, mixed with warm wood tones.


The painted red metal casework…


…and the yellow awnings, all recall the original location in an updated way.


Sky blue penny round tiles recall the rustic tiles of the original bakery in a subtle way and in keeping with the cheerfulness of the brand itself.


Our modern take on the traditional lanterns used in the original Blue Sky illuminates the customer counter.


The menu panels do double duty as sliding doors for storage cubbies…


The reds, blues, and wood tones blend together like the blueberry raspberry bran muffin!


Although Blue Sky muffins are sold at various locations in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan, there is nothing quite like tasting the muffins where they are baked. The kitchen area at the new location provides more work space for preparing more muffins and other baked goods for everyone to enjoy.

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