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Join us at BKLYN DESIGNS as we co-host the THINK+ [TABLE] conversation series with our affiliated design studio, THINK FABRICATE! Each day of the show, we will welcome invited industry professionals and special guests to lead the dialogue. All will be welcome to take a seat at the Dialogue Table and Benches – designed specifically by THINK FABRICATE with this initiative in mind – and participate. BKLYN DESIGNS takes place May 6 – 8 at the Brooklyn Expo Center in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. See below for more details!

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The New International Style: Brooklyn

What does ‘Brooklyn Style’ mean to its inhabitants? What is it in the eyes of the world? The ‘Brooklyn’ style has been embraced and, to some extent, exploited (both globally and locally) in order to entice the general populous to buy into its brand, influencing people the world over with its unique allure and sense of ‘cool’. But what is ‘Brooklyn Style’? With its rich history and diverse neighborhoods, a vast spectrum of structures and their inhabitants exist within its 69,5 sq. mi (180 sq. km), making Brooklyn not only the largest borough of NYC, but also one that is currently seeing the most rapid growth (in both population and new construction). To what extent is the true character of Brooklyn preserved under such strained conditions? What is Brooklyn’s ‘true character’? And with its global influence, has it become the new ‘International Style’?

BKLYN Designs.psdTransforming Concepts of Luxury and Living Space

In Brooklyn, a wider range of living space typologies are more abundant than ever before. In the past, luxury was equated with brownstones or larger sprawling Victorian homes. Now, a range of new apartment possibilities, many with waterfront views of the Manhattan skyline, are available, bringing new perspectives on luxurious spaces to Brooklyn. Is an efficiently designed lifestyle somehow on at least an intellectual par with sprawling luxury? Is efficient use of space the only resort for those of more limited means and wanting to live in Brooklyn, or can it be made more satisfying? The scale of living has varied greatly over the past century; advances in technology have influenced the perceived and physical standards of inhabited spaces – from the home to the office to places of leisure. Micro living is not a new concept, rather one that has been embraced again in order to deal with (yet another) great influx of populations into urban environments due to economic and social opportunities. How do we define luxury in 2016 in Brooklyn?

BKLYN Designs.psdMeaningful Objects

How much do we take stock of the objects/things in our lives? Our environment? How do we form connections to the objects in our lives and which are indicative of our life and its legacy? Through technology, our environments become more and more intangible, with memories being stored ‘in the cloud’ rather than on the fireplace mantel. As humans still long for a connection to their past and feel the want to encapsulate the present memories for the future, how are objects that occupy our space chosen? What motivates our choosing and maintenance of objects – sentiment, craftsmanship, economy, size, function, novelty, and rarity? Can objects aid in our pursuit of mindful living?

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