Our Move…. to Industry City!

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Our Move…. to Industry City!



This spring, our office moved to its new location in Industry City, Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

This hub of innovation offers a strong community for like- minded designers and innovators of New York City.

Along with its office spaces, IC offers a number of different eateries and events that make it not only a hub for businesses, but also for the public.

Some of the office favorites include the coffee from Maglia Rosa, and the food from Frying Pan Helm Bar, which are both conveniently located close to our office between 34th and 35th street!

Although the choice in dining at IC is certainly exciting, everyone at Doban Architecture can agree that the courtyard spaces are what truly make IC an innovative yet relaxing place.

                                                   Valerie in courtyard 5/6


Once we were all settled in at our new space, we asked our team what is their favorite part about working at Industry City. Here are some of their responses:

“I love the courtyards and atmosphere. There are a lot of places to sit at and walk outside.”

“My favorite courtyard is the one between building 5 and 6. There are many nice shaded areas to sit in.”

“It’s a very innovative place of business which I have never seen in New York. There are so many places to relax and its easily accessible to anywhere in New York. It’s exciting!”



                                                  Bill and Yuliya in Courtyard 5/6

In an Interview with Susan, President of Doban Architecture, she took me on a tour of some of her favorite things in IC. We got lunch together at “Avocaderia”, the avocado devoted restaurant here! I asked Susan what her “go to” restaurant is.

“I like a lot of places! There’s a place called “Ends Meat” and it’s a butcher shop but they actually do an excellent vegetarian sandwich! AND I like the Pickle Shack, I love their vegan jalapeño biscuits. Oh and the pistachio cookies from Maglia Rosa!”

Susan went on to tell me about her favorite courtyards.

                                                                   Courtyard 3/4

“It’s hard to pick a favorite courtyard, but I really like the green landscape in 5/6 but each courtyard corresponds to a different mood I’m feeling. I like to sit on the lawn furniture when when I do phone meetings.”

                                                            Susan in courtyard 5/6

To wrap up our conversation I asked Susan what her favorite part of working here is. I also asked her to describe her experience here in 3 words.

“My favorite part of IC is that there’s always something new here”

“In three words? OLD BECOMES NEW”

                                                                 view from Courtyard 3/4




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