District 20 Pre-K Center
Project Use: Learning
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Client: NYC School Construction Authority
Completion: 2017
Awards Building Brooklyn Award 2018;
NYCXDESIGN Interior Design Magazine Honoree 2018;
American School & University Outstanding Interior Design 2018
This gut renovation takes the structure of the former National Biscuit factory warehouse, constructed in 1925 and most recently used as a retail facility, and transforms it into a Pre-K Center which will accommodate 324 children. With 18 classrooms, two exercise rooms, and a 10,000SF adjoining play yard, the facility fulfills the vision of Mayor de Blasios program to provide universal pre-kindergarten throughout the City of New York. Given the size of the facility, it is designed to be readily transformed into an Early Childhood Center, and therefore includes a more extensive kitchen facility and other details to allow for this possible future transformation in response to future demographic needs. The project includes a complete modernization of the current stucco-clad building. Located adjacent to the elevated train and a Long Island Railroad cut, the new facade takes acoustical requirements into consideration. Clad in fiber cement panels in varying shades of grey, the facade blends practicality with a playful, inviting mood. The geometric play carries through into the ceramic tile wall treatment of the circulation areas. Wood accents in the corridors provide a welcoming feel for children. The facility is scheduled to open in.
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