Red Hook Stores
Project Use: Living
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Client: The O'Connell Organization
Completion Date: 2006
AwardMunicipal Art Society of NY Masterwork Award 2006;Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce Building Brooklyn Award 2007;US EPA Energy Efficiency Award for Red Hook Green Power 2008
This civil war era warehouse on Brooklyn’s waterfront is now an environmentally conscious, mixed-use complex that juxtaposes the monumental character of the existing building with modern interventions. The 40,900 SF building combines apartments, live-work space, artist studios and a two-story gourmet market-all served by a new cogeneration facility located on the site which generates 90% of the building’s energy needs. Heavy timber joists were removed to create an interior courtyard and then milled for reuse as wood paneling at the entrance to each apartment. Recycled wood flooring is also used in keeping with the industrial aesthetic. The typical residential units have timber columns and brick masonry walls exposed wherever possible. Dune-like landscaping screens against winds from New York Harbor while maximizing the view of the Statue of Liberty and creating a forecourt and drive in front of the residential entrance.
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